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New Patterns

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his EPIC Easter basket that […]

animal scarf

. . . she finally has a new and improved unicorn scarf! I just realized […]

Crochet Toy Pattern

A few weeks ago the cutest thing happened to me. My 9 year old son […]

Sloth Toy Crochet Pattern

The answer is EVERYONE! I wanted to make my oldest son a body pillow because […]


For those of you who follow me on Facebook you probably already know my story, […]

Cool Sloth Bag

Some trends I can get on board with. . . and some I can’t. Sloth […]

Easy Lounge Blanket

Ok, so I don’t really think my 2 new patterns are only mediocre. . . […]

Santa Crochet Decor

I hate paying full price for things. So I love when decorations (and if we’re […]

Cute Raccoon Crochet Pattern

So this post is going to be short and to the point since I have […]

New Patterns

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his EPIC Easter basket that […]

Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern
Make Easter Even More Special With These Unicorn Baskets!

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time […]

Crochet Raccoon Winter Beanie Pattern
Raccoon Hat Pattern

With this raccoon hat your little’s will be the cutest raccoons you ever did see. […]

cute panda pudgy pal
You Can Never Go Wrong Giving a Pudgy Bear For Valentine’s Day

Honestly, I think giant stuffed animals are just the coolest. I wish I had the […]

Unicorn Body Pillow
Unicorn Body Pillow/Giant Stuffed Toy Pattern

This unicorn body pillow is a must have for every little unicorn lover out there. […]

Princess Hooded Capelet Crochet Pattern

Our beautiful princess hood & capelet pattern is the perfect accessory to your outfit. Stay […]

crochet bears pudgy pal
Sweetheart Panda & Teddy Bear Pudgy Pal Pattern

This sweetheart panda & teddy bear pudgy pal pattern will help you create the perfect […]

fancy santa/elf hat pattern
This Ain’t Your Average Santa Hat

Last year my daughter had a school Christmas program where all the kids were supposed […]

Crochet Hooded Knight Blanket Pattern
Hooded Knight Blanket Crochet Pattern

This hooded knight blanket is taking blankets to the next level! It’s also the perfect […]

easy hooded owl blanket
Whose Christmas Are You Going To Make Rock With Our New Hooded Owl Blanket?

For some reason I can’t ever come up with short titles for my blog posts. […]

hooded unicorn blanket
Patron de la Couverture Capuche Licorne et Capuche Poney

Cette couverture Capuche Licorne au crochet est ce qui se fait de mieux en matière […]

hooded unicorn blanket
Einhorn Decke mit Kapuze Häkelanleitung (für dünne oder dicke Wolle)

Diese gehäkelte Decke mit Kapuze ist die Gemütlichkeit auf höchstem Niveau. Die Anleitung ermöglicht dir […]

hooded knight blanket pattern
Hooded Knight Blankets. . . The Best Gift For Gamers (other than more games, of course)

Just to clarify, you don’t have to be a gamer to love these knight blankets. […]

hooded unicorn blanket
Patroon Gehaakte Eenhoorn deken met muts

Patroon Gehaakte Eenhoorn deken met muts (Opties voor ‘normaal’ & Chunky garen) De patronen zijn […]

hooded unicorn blanket
Hooded Unicorn Blanket Pattern

This crochet hooded unicorn blanket is comfy coziness at its best! This pattern will help […]

crochet monster pouf
Just Sit Back, Relax & Put Your Feet Up. . . On a Monster Pouf

Who doesn’t love a good pouf? They add to your decor, are completely customizable & […]

crochet dragon toy pattern
Haakpatroon Draak

Haakpatroon Draak Haakpatroon Drakenknuffel Deze gehaakte drakenknuffel is een van mijn meest fantastische meesterwerken tot […]

sweetheart hat pattern

MÖNSTER TILL VIRKAD HJÄRTEMÖSSA är skrivet med svenska termer. Alla mönster har 13 olika storlekar […]

sweetheart hat pattern

Fertige die süßeste Mütze für deine Lieblinge, sie werden mit dieser Häkelmütze umwerfend aussehen. Die […]

crochet bunny pudgy pal
Amigurumi Bunny Pudgy Pals Pattern

This amigurumi bunny pudgy pal pattern is the perfect solution for a quick gift that […]

decor owl pouf pattern
I Bet You Didn’t Even Realize All Your Home Needed To Be Complete Was An Owl!

=So I am not good at decorating my house. . . like, at all. It’s […]

Get 50% Off To Celebrate My Husband’s Med School Graduation

He did it! After four challenging years, my husband has graduated from medical school. We […]

stuffed pigs pattern

Mit dieser Anleitung für Amigurumi Kuscheltiere kannst du eine ganze Familie süßer kleiner Schweine herstellen. […]

stuffed pigs pattern
Patrón de Cerdo y Cerdito en Amigurumi

Haz una familia entera de lindos puerquitos con este patrón de crochet amigurumi. El patrón […]

stuffed pigs pattern
Crochet Pig Stuffies & Pudgy Pal Pattern

This crochet pig toy pattern will help you create the perfect stuffed animal for all […]