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Who Could Use a Nice Hug From a Huge Sloth?

The answer is EVERYONE! I wanted to make my oldest son a body pillow because I already made a unicorn one for my daughter and I haven’t made him anything in a while. So I decided to go with the beloved sloth. . . and realized this guy needed to be a hugger!
animal body pillow

cute sloth toy

giant sloth toy


As with my unicorn pillow, I designed this so that a real pillow is used to stuff the body and is removable for easy washing!


easy sloth pillow easy sloth toy


One of the things that made me the most happy when finishing this sloth pillow was when I overheard by daughter trying to make a deal with my son about what she could do for him so she could use his sloth! As you can imagine, it made me feel really good about my work (:


crochet sloth toy giant crochet toy


I thought that during this time when not all grandkids are able to hug their grandparents, it might be cute to make the kids a hugging stuffed toy they can hug whenever they miss grandma or grandpa.


crochet sloth pillow easy body pillow


So if you’re interested in grabbing this pattern, you can get it here for 20% off through tomorrow (7/12) at midnight (Mountain Time) using code SLOTHFRIEND. Enjoy!