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Why Release Only One Awesome Pattern When I Can Release Two Mediocre Patterns?

Ok, so I don’t really think my 2 new patterns are only mediocre. . . but it probably got some of you interested in investigating further to see why I said that right? Or maybe I’m just trying to amuse myself as I sit here at 10 o’clock at night trying to figure out what to say about my patterns! The real reason I am releasing 2 at once is because my super awesome assistant (the gorgeous young lady who also modeled my Santa/Elf hat) who helps with releases, is having her baby this week so I needed to squeeze as many in as possible before losing my help for a while!
fancy santa/elf hat pattern


My triceratops basket and hat designs went over so well I figured I better make a hooded blanket out of it. My 3 year old got super attached super fast and has claimed it as his own. I’m not really nice enough to just give my kids anything I make that they want for no reason . . . . but he is growing out of his hooded bear one I made him as a baby so I’m going to hide it away, hope he forgets about it, then give it to him for Christmas! Woohoo! I’m doing the same thing with my hooded princess blanket for my daughter who is outgrowing her unicorn one so I feel like a rockstar having two major Christmas gifts done and it’s only February!

Boy Dinosaur Blanket


I created the hooded triceratops blanket pattern to include instructions for both a worsted weight version and a chunky version, like always, but in this case I am super proud of my chunky version. Why? Because I got the yarn for SO cheap! Each skein was only about $1.29! For my fellow crochet addicts, you know this is a huge win!

Fun Hooded Dinosaur


After I finished taking pictures of my two kids separately, I realized I needed to do one more photo shoot with them together because these 2 kids together are just about as adorable as can be. Without any prompting from me, as soon as they got their blankets on, they started giving each other dinosaur kisses.

Hooded Dinosaur Blankets

Dinosaur Hooded Blankets


I was really hoping to come up with a unique border to go along with this blanket. So I made up the BriAbby Dino Spikes Border!

Triceratops Crochet Pattern

After long projects like these blankets, I like to do a quick little project. I’ve had this yarn sitting around for the past 6 years that is perfect for sock monkeys (because I used to make them to sell) and finally decided to make my own sock monkeys. I really am not a fan of the creepy looking ones though, so I figured baby sock monkey pudgy pals was the way to go. Hope you like how they turned out!

Sock Monkey Amigurumi


If you’re interested in grabbing either of these patterns, you can get them for 20% off through tomorrow (2/18/20) at midnight (Mountain Time) using code DUALRELEASE. You can find the crochet Hooded Triceratops Blanket Pattern here and the Baby Sock Monkey Pudgy Pal Pattern here. Enjoy!