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Just Sit Back, Relax & Put Your Feet Up. . . On a Monster Pouf

Who doesn’t love a good pouf? They add to your decor, are completely customizable & are very useful. Use them as a footrest, an extra seat, an untouchable part of your living room decor, or a very touchable giant toy for kids! You just can’t go wrong.


The idea for doing this pattern came from my sister who requested a furry pouf for her office. I’m not a fan of making things that I find “boring”. If my projects don’t have some kind of flare to them then I just don’t get excited to finish, so I decided I should make it a furry MONSTER pouf. And I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

furry monster pouf



Even though this pouf wasn’t for my toddler, we thought it’d be fun to get some pictures of him with the pouf (seeing as how he couldn’t keep his hands off it as I was making it!)  We plopped him on top of it. . . . which he loved

boy pouf room decor


Then we let him roll around on it. Every toddler’s dream!


And then of course we had to get down to business and see if we could get some precious poses out of him

Mission accomplished.


So I have decided that I want all my kids to have a pouf in their room. I bought my daughter a gorgeous bed set that is black with pink and white polkadots. . . which I realized would be super hard to match an animal pouf to. With a monster pouf though, the possibilities were endless! So I grabbed one of her pillows and went on a shopping hunt to find the perfect pink to match. I was looking at all the worsted weight yarns and getting super frustrated that I couldn’t find any to match perfectly. Then I walked past Bernat Blanket yarn and BAM there was the perfect pink! Not only that, but it was on sale for incredibly cheap! So I’m going to go ahead and brag right here: I rocked this pouf when it comes to saving money! I only had to buy 3 balls of Bernat Blanket at $5 each and then used little bits of yarn I already had at home. Then I stuffed it with old blankets and towels and just used a bit of polyester fiberfil around the edges to keep it looking smooth. The body of the pouf worked up very quickly since I was using such a thick yarn and suddenly I had this gorgeous pouf that matched my daughter’s bedspread perfectly. . . for under $20! That would easily cost over $100 at the store and there would be no way to have it match my daughter’s room perfectly, so I was one happy camper.

girl monster pouf


The detail work (putting those matching polka dots all over the hair bobbles and on the flowers) took a bit of time, and honestly got a bit annoying to put on, but now that’s it’s done I totally think it was worth it! If I weren’t matching the bedspread though, I would have left them off and instead just chosen multiple different fun colors to do them in like I did with my googley monster hats.


My daughter was so excited when I gave it to her so then I was even happier about it. And she’s always great to pose for pictures for me. . . .

girl pouf decor


. . . . as long as I let her take some goofy pictures too!


She really is the cutest. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit more about my life as a crochet mama. If you’re interested in getting this pattern for yourself, you can grab it for 20% off through 5/29 at midnight (Mountain Time) using POUFITUP. You can find the pattern here!