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Crochet Hooded Unicorn Blanket Pattern

Crochet hooded unicorn blanket pattern


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Patroon Gehaakte Eenhoorn deken met muts

Patroon Gehaakte Eenhoorn deken met muts (Opties voor ‘normaal’ & Chunky garen)

De patronen zijn geschreven in Nederlandse haaktermen. De pdf kan na ontvangst van de betaling direct gedownload worden. Gezien de aard van het produkt kan er geen geld geretourneerd worden.

Dit gehaakte eenhoorndekentje met capuchon is een en al comfortabel! Dit patroon zal je helpen het perfecte kado voor meisjes van alle leeftijden te maken. Blijf warm op de meest schattige manier. . . als een eenhoorn! Of je nu een eenhoorndeken of hun favoriete pony maakt, het zal een groot succes zijn bij iedereen die jouw meesterwerk ziet. 



  • Sizes: Small Child (42″x36″), Large Child (54″x48″) & Teen/Adult (66″x60″)
  • Skills: Single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, slip stitch, working in back loop only, basic increasing & basic sewing.
  • Written in US Terms
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • PDF format available for instant download
  • 13 pages long



  • Hooks: You will need a 4 mm (G), 5.5 mm (I) and if you make the chunky blanket you will need a 8 mm (L) hook (you will be using a 6 mm (J) hook for the worsted weight blanket) IF YOUR GAUGE MATCHES MINE! You do not need to match my gauge if you don’t care how big your blanket turns out but yarn amounts will be different!
  • Yarn: FOR CHUNKY I used beautiful yarn from Premier called Toy Box. The color is called Kite. You will need 1100 yards for small child, 1800 yards for large child & 2650 yards for teen/adult. I also used a thinner worsted weight yarn (Caron Simply Soft – Soft Green, Orchid, Country Peach, Black, White & Berry Blue) for the border and details on the hood to keep it lighter. One skein is enough for all sizes.
  • Yarn: FOR WORSTED WEIGHT I used I Love This Yarn in Ivory. You will need 1430 yards for small child, 2180 yards for large child & 3330 yards for teen/adult. For the border and hood details I used a thinner worsted weight (Lion Brand Heartland in Guadalupe Mountains & Denali as well as Caron Simply Soft in Black, White & Chocolate). One skein is enough for all sizes. You are welcome to use any brand of yarn, but it’s helpful to check your gauge before beginning if you don’t want your blanket and hood to turn out overly large (or small!). For a tip on how to save time when checking your gauge, check out my blog post entitled “Becoming a Master Gauge Checker: It’s a stinky job, but somebody’s gotta do it. . .”
  • Polyester Stuffing (very small amount) & tapestry needle with large eye
  • Pins are optional for placing pieces before sewing (I highly recommend this!)



Due to the nature of this item, no refunds will be given. If you have any questions I would be happy to help and my email is listed on the pattern. In addition to this hooded unicorn blanket pattern, I have matching hat, toy, loveyleggings & tail patterns in my shop if you want to complete your set!


You are welcome to sell any items made from this pattern, but please give credit with a link back to my website This pattern along with all images are copyrighted and you must use your own photos to represent your work. If you do make this blanket for sale, you are welcome to add your shop info to my Facebook vendors listing (in the comments below the picture of the item you sell) here This is where I send customers who come to me asking for someone to make the actual product for them.

Crochet Hooded Unicorn Blanket Pattern

Crochet hooded unicorn blanket pattern

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