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After the Tragic “Death” of My Daughter’s Panda Scarf . . .

. . . she finally has a new and improved unicorn scarf! I just realized it would have been pretty funny if I had taken a picture of the old panda scarf that had been destroyed so I could post it here. . . but I just didn’t think ahead. Here’s a picture of it in it’s glory days though!


Since then, she has been asking if I could make her a unicorn scarf to replace it. I never turn down a unicorn crochet challenge, so of course I said yes.

animal scarf


I browsed what was available to see what style I’d want to make and just didn’t like any of the styles (hanging head and legs, tail being pulled through the mouth, full unicorn body at the end of the scarf, etc.). I especially thought it was strange that people pull the tail through by the mouth when you could simply pull it through the other end of the head to turn it into the unicorn’s hair! So I had my plan.

Easy Unicorn Scarf


So I made it and put it on my daughter .  .  . and discovered the problem was the hair just fell right over the unicorn’s face. Well, my daughter, being the little 9 year old genius that she is, said “why don’t you just put a bow at the bottom to hold it in place?” That’s it!!!! We have now become the mother/daughter dynamic duo designing team! (Which I think made her feel really good after I teamed up with my son to design his Chubsters).

cute unicorn scarf

I figured there would also be plenty of grown women who would love to wear around a unicorn to keep their necks warm, so I made one up in adult size in some classy colors. My gorgeous cousin will be modeling this one for all of you to see when I go visit Utah soon. Get excited!


If you’re interested in grabbing this pattern for yourself, you can grab it here and get 20% off using code STAYWARM. Code is good through 2/24/21 at midnight (MT).