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Someday Sloths Will Rule the World

Some trends I can get on board with. . . and some I can’t. Sloth love is definitely a trend I can get on board with . . . it just seems to always take me a bit longer than your average person. So what happened was I actually decided to make a sloth hat. My sister found out and a few minutes later I have a drawing from her of the most adorable little sloth hat. So I got to work on it . . . . and it turns out I am completely stumped on how to make the body as adorable as she drew it. When that happens, I very easily convince myself that I need to do something else first. So the idea popped into my head to use her sloth face, but stick it on an Easter basket. Because the body was already worked out (the basket portion), the pattern easily came together for me.

Cute Sloth Pattern

I sure hope you love how it turned out, because I do! In fact, I like it so much that I’m trying to think up all the different sloth things I’m going to do. I think the next one might be a giant sloth stuffed animal/body pillow. Anyone want to see that? Or if you have any other forms you want to see this sloth in, let me know!

Easy Sloth Pattern

Sloth Trick or Treat Bag

What’s great about this sloth basket is that it doesn’t need to just be a cute kid’s Easter basket, I have already heard many adults pipe in that they could make a good use one for themselves. My favorite use would be for a toddler to use to pick up all their little toys. I know for my own 3 year old, cleaning up is much more fun when he gets to take his little sloth buddy around and fill his belly with toys!

Sloth Easter Basket Pattern

If you’d like to grab this sloth bag pattern for yourself, you can get it for 20% off using code LAZYDAYS through April 4 at midnight (Mountain Time). You can find the pattern here.