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You Can Never Go Wrong Giving a Pudgy Bear For Valentine’s Day

Honestly, I think giant stuffed animals are just the coolest. I wish I had the time (and money) to just make my little ones all their own giant bears for Valentine’s Day, BUT we just don’t go that big for Valentine’s Day. So if you can’t have giant, the next best thing is small and pudgy. Enter the Sweetheart Pudgy Pal Bears.

cute panda pudgy pal

easy panda pudgy pal

Cute Baby Girl Teddy Bear

easy teddy bear pudgy pal



Who wouldn’t love to receive one of these little guys for Valentine’s Day? My kids and I go nuts over them. The kids can’t keep their hands off of them. In fact, I was almost finished with one of them when my daughter got home from school. She saw it, squealed, grabbed it and gave it a hug, pressing it up against her face. WELL, what she didn’t realize was that I wasn’t finished sewing the legs on and they were just attached with pins, which had the ends sticking right out of it. So of course I panicked for half a second thinking she had just stabbed her cheek and the scream was about to come. Luckily she just barely avoided the pins so it didn’t turn out to be a horribly painful experience, but I had to remind her AGAIN to not play with the toys I make until I say they’re ready! My toddler also can’t keep his hands off. . .

crochet bear pudgy pals



I was trying to take pictures just of my pudgy pals sitting on the floor. . . and then this happened. Luckily some photo bombs end up improving your photo.

crochet toy pudgy pals



I had to take pictures of the bears without the hearts to show everyone that these are great bears for any time of year and not just Valentine’s Day, but I personally love what the hearts add to them. They make great Valentine’s decorations.

crochet panda pudgy pals

easy teddy bear pudgy pal



Only $6 to make the bears and create the background! Of course I also like how they can make the perfect kids’ gift for cheap. I bought some heart baskets for a dollar each, some little balloons for a dollar each, and then candy to put in the baskets.

crochet pudgy pal gift

crochet valentines brown bears



My kids just think all this stuff I bought is for mommy’s business because she needed to take cute pictures. They’re going to be so happy when they each gets baskets for Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to grab this pattern to make some Sweetheart Pudgy Pal Bears yourself, you can get it for 20% off through tomorrow (2/2/19) at midnight (Mountain Time) using code BEMYVALENTINE. You can find the pattern here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!