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For those of you who follow me on Facebook you probably already know my story, so all you need to know is that I’ve added MORE free patterns! For the rest of you, here’s the deal. I am surrounded by wonderful people who are setting great examples in providing service in a time when it is so greatly needed. One of my best friends spends a good portion of each day sewing as many masks as she can to donate. I can’t sew, so I’ve been trying to figure out how I could contribute. Well, I found out about Ear Savers/Mask Mates and knew that crocheting those for the children’s hospital my husband works at was what I needed to do. But BriAbby doesn’t do plain, so I decided I needed to come up with really fun ones that would bring smiles to the children’s faces (and hopefully the adults’ too!). If any of you are wondering how exactly these work, here’s a photo of the sloth on my husband (the elastics from the masks wrap around buttons instead of your ears)Crochet Sloth Ear Protector


I asked my sister if she had any ideas for some and she drew me up this cute lizard and frog right away!

crochet lizard mask mate Crochet Frog Mask Mates


I figured I would mix it up just a little and offer a cool option for those who might not be a fan of wearing around the animals so I did this jeans styled one.

Jeans Mask Mates Pattern

Turns out that it’s my favorite one on my little girl.

Cute Crochet Ear Protector


I will be continuing to add more designs to my shop during the next little while, but won’t be doing a blog post each time I do, so if you want updates, make sure you’re following BriAbby on your favorite social media platform!


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