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Make Easter Even More Special With These Unicorn Baskets!

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time of year (though basically all year long it’s cute around my house because I have 3 of the most adorable kids in the world!). Each year I try to come up with some cute new Easter decoration to add to my house. Here are some of my past Easter creations.

crochet amigurumi bunny pattern

easy hooded bunny blankets

crochet bunny blanket pattern

easy crochet bunny baskets

crochet bunny toy decor

crochet amigurumi bunny pudgy pal


I’ve got almost as many bunny things as I do unicorn things! The problem is that those bunny baskets I just showed you were not made for my kids. My kids have been using the same old store-bought baskets since they were 2 or 3 and they are falling apart and stuffing is starting to seep out. So, new Easter baskets it is!

Crochet Easter Unicorn Basket


I tried using project foam for the first time (to add stability to the basket) and was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to make it work in a basket on my first try!

Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern


The great thing about making stuff for my daughter is she really is so excited about it and happy to model it that it’s awesome! I had just made her a new unicorn hat to replace her old one that no longer fit, so we threw that on for some adorable matching photos.

Easy Unicorn basket Cute Unicorn Basket


But of course, no photo shoot would be complete without a goofy picture. . .


. . . and a photo bomb from my toddler


Sidebar: people have been mentioning my amazing lawn. Well, it’s artificial turf, so I definitely can’t take any credit for taking great care of it! I never thought I’d be a turf person, but we live in Arizona and I have a very busy husband so turf has been the perfect solution.


Now do you want a discount code so you can get making one of these baskets? It is UNICORNSFOREVER and will be good through tomorrow (4/4/19) at midnight (Mountain Time). You can find the pattern here. I am seriously very excited to take her to an egg hunt now so she can show it to her friends! If you’re looking for a similar type basket for boys, just hang tight because I’m working on a triceratops one now. It has the exact same base so you could even get started on it early if you want to make sure you have time to finish! To receive a Facebook Messenger notification when we release the triceratops basket pattern (as well as any other sale and release notice in the future), simply click here to get signed up!