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I Bet You Didn’t Even Realize All Your Home Needed To Be Complete Was An Owl!

=So I am not good at decorating my house. . . like, at all. It’s pretty bare here and I’m not really sure how to make it look great. My sister on the other hand, has a great sense of style when it comes to home decor and has THE cutest house.


She wanted a Pouf to go in her living room and so asked me if I would crochet one for her. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a pouf was! I’m not at all savvy when it comes to stylish home decor, but apparently poufs are super awesome little pieces of furniture. So we spent months trying to come up with the perfect idea. Obviously it needed to be cute and original, but we also wanted something that had just enough personality without being over-the-top so that it fit into a nice living room. . . . as well as a fun kids room. So finally we arrived at a snow owl. She is really good at drawing, so I told her to draw what she wanted it to look like and I would try to work my magic. Here is what she drew:

Awwww, cute right? It’s one of my favorite things when my sister comes up with designs for me to make. Getting creative and figuring out how something should look is the hardest part for me. Compared to that, turning the design into a yarn creation is a breeze. I figured I had better make the scarf optional for people who would prefer not to dress up their animals (:

animal owl pouf


I, however, think the scarf adds the perfect touch. The scarf also gives you the opportunity to make it in your favorite team (or house!) colors and add extra meaning to your decor. Here it is with the scarf:

kids owl pouf pattern


Which way do you like it better? My kids, of course, are in love with it so now I’m trying to think of what kind of poufs I can make for their bedrooms. What kind of pouf patterns would you like to see me to come up with next? It’s a great way to put to use old pillows, blankets & towels that you have been holding on to. They work great as an extra seat, a footrest, or simply decor to add to the look of the room. Kids would also love one as a giant stuffed animal to play with!


Isn’t it the perfect addition to her home?

cute owl pouf pattern


If you’d like to grab this owl pouf crochet pattern and add some awesomeness to your home, you can get it for 20% off until Friday, May 25th at midnight (Mountain Time) by using code OWLLOVE. You will find the pattern here. Enjoy!