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Hooded Knight Blankets. . . The Best Gift For Gamers (other than more games, of course)

Just to clarify, you don’t have to be a gamer to love these knight blankets. BUT the reason why I designed the blanket in the first place, was to make a certain gamer in my life very happy. You see, all the kids in my family have their own hooded blankets, but up until now, mom and dad have gotten the shaft. Last winter my husband was constantly stealing my son’s dragon blanket when he got cold. I wish I had a picture of him all wrapped up in it, but I never thought to take one at the time. So here’s a picture of my son in it so you know what one I’m talking about.

dragon hooded blanket pattern


The ends of the wings have little handles attached that you can slip your hands right through. My husband, who enjoys a good video game or two, found this perfect for when he wanted to play and stay warm. So he asked if I could make him his own blanket with handles on the inside. I do not enjoy making the same thing over and over again, so of course I had to come up with a new style of blanket for him. Then came the idea for the hooded knight blanket!

hooded knight blanket pattern



My son is also a total video game nut. Like father, like son (oy!) and I like the idea of having those handles on all of our blankets because it would be nice to snuggle up in a blanket and be able to use my hands still to read or type on the computer (I’ve yet to try it while crocheting. Might work though!). So handles will be the new norm around our house.

gamers hooded blanket


I also just can’t get enough of seeing my kids laying around reading in their hooded blankets. Although I staged this photo so I could get a cute picture of him with his book, he was in his own world reading his new illustrated Harry Potter book. Totally not what this blog is about, but those books are amazing!

crochet knight blanket


Anyway, these blankets are a big hit around our house (my daughter is begging for one in girl colors, but I told her she needs to wait until she grows out of her unicorn one), so I hope some of you have people in your lives that they will be a big hit with as well. It’s the perfect time to get started on those Christmas presents! If you’d like to pick up this pattern, you can buy it here and get 20% off through tomorrow (Oct 10) at midnight (Mountain Time) using code WARRIORSUNITE.

gamers hooded blanket

PS my husband is not angry in this picture. . . .he’s just a fierce knight!