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Do You Love to Buy Discounted Decorations Right After a Holiday?

I hate paying full price for things. So I love when decorations (and if we’re being honest, holiday candy) go on sale right after the holiday is over. If you are the same, then this deal is for you. I am just releasing my new Santa Pudgy Pal pattern and am offering it at 40% off instead of 20% off as an incentive to get it at such a random time. Woohoo!


So why did I decide to do a Santa pattern after Christmas? Well, here’s the story. Just a couple of weeks before Christmas my sister told me she would love it if I could make her a little Santa to go in the airplane she had sitting on her dining room table. She always has the cutest idea for original decor. Knowing I was busy finishing up the things I already had going, she was just going to buy a pattern and give it to me to use so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time making up my own original Santa. It turns out, she couldn’t find any Santa that she loved. I had never crocheted a human before so I was a little nervous offering to come up with one she would like better, but I also didn’t like the idea of making a sub par Santa from someone else’s pattern. So I finished up the pattern I was working on and then started on hers only a week before Christmas! Luckily I had an extra week to work it out since we weren’t heading to Utah (where she lives) and exchanging gifts until New Years. So here’s what I came up with and how it looks in her airplane.

Crochet Santa Amigurumi


Pretty adorable right? Here’s the thing, my sister super duper loved it, but part of what she loved was the detail work that is hidden by her airplane. So plans had to change and now he’s going to be a decoration that sits out for all to see from head to toe. Looks like next Christmas I’m going to have to make a Mrs. Klaus Pudgy Pal to hang out with him. My sister has an interesting design style that is kind of a combination of quirky and classy. It doesn’t seem like those 2 things go together, but they do in her house. So a blue Santa was the right move for her. My 3 year old, however, told me that he didn’t like it because Santa was wearing the wrong color. So of course I had to make one for myself in red. Which color do you prefer your Santas to be?

Easy Santa Pattern


Not stoked about how my photos turned out compared to my sister’s beautiful photos so next year I’ll have to get her help getting some better pictures of my Santa decoration so those who prefer a traditional Santa have something nice to look at.

Santa Crochet Decor


If you’re ready to get a head start on next Christmas and save big time, you can grab the pattern here. I have it on good authority that these make great gifts! And 1 ball of the main color is enough to make 3 Santas so they make for inexpensive gifts as well! Just use code SANTASALE at checkout to get 40% off. Code valid through 1/14/20 at midnight (Mountain Time). Enjoy!