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New Patterns

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his EPIC Easter basket that […]

animal scarf

. . . she finally has a new and improved unicorn scarf! I just realized […]

Crochet Toy Pattern

A few weeks ago the cutest thing happened to me. My 9 year old son […]

Sloth Toy Crochet Pattern

The answer is EVERYONE! I wanted to make my oldest son a body pillow because […]


For those of you who follow me on Facebook you probably already know my story, […]

Cool Sloth Bag

Some trends I can get on board with. . . and some I can’t. Sloth […]

Easy Lounge Blanket

Ok, so I don’t really think my 2 new patterns are only mediocre. . . […]

Santa Crochet Decor

I hate paying full price for things. So I love when decorations (and if we’re […]

Cute Raccoon Crochet Pattern

So this post is going to be short and to the point since I have […]

New Patterns

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his EPIC Easter basket that […]

animal scarf
After the Tragic “Death” of My Daughter’s Panda Scarf . . .

. . . she finally has a new and improved unicorn scarf! I just realized […]

Crochet Unicorn Scarf Pattern
Unicorn Scarf Pattern

Complete your unicorn assemble with this warm, cute, customizable, fun unicorn scarf. Stay warm while […]

What’s Better Than a Unicorn? A Fancy Unicorn!

Yup, I have created yet another unicorn pattern. I assume my unicorn patterns will slow […]

Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern
Make Easter Even More Special With These Unicorn Baskets!

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time […]

Unicorn Body Pillow
Unicorn Body Pillow/Giant Stuffed Toy Pattern

This unicorn body pillow is a must have for every little unicorn lover out there. […]

hooded unicorn blanket
Hooded Unicorn Blanket Pattern

This crochet hooded unicorn blanket is comfy coziness at its best! This pattern will help […]

Crochet Unicorn / Pony Hat Pattern

Crochet the most amazing unicorn / pony hat you’ll ever see with this unique pattern! […]

crochet unicorn pudgy pal
Unicorn Pudgy Pals. . . They’re Just So Squishy!

After making so many blankets in a row, it was a nice break to do […]

Unicorn leggings and tail
Unicorn / Pony Tail & Leg Warmers Pattern- Hat Pattern Sold Separately

UNICORN HAT PATTERN SOLD SEPARATELY! This unicorn leggings & tail pattern was designed to go […]

beautiful unicorn hooded blanket
Everyone Needs a Hooded Unicorn Blanket in Their Lives!

THE PROOF IS IN THE RESEARCH If you have been looking for the perfect gift […]

Crochet Halloween Costume Patterns
Holidays are Different for a Crafter

For a crafter, holidays take a lot more time to prepare for. . . but […]

cute unicorn amigurumi
Amigurumi Unicorn Pudgy Pal Pattern

This amigurumi unicorn pudgy pal pattern is the perfect solution for those who want to […]

beautiful crochet unicorn blanket
Gorgeous New Blanket Border & Giveaway!

ADDING SOMETHING NEW TO THE WORLD OF CROCHET I am always trying to come up […]

easy crochet security blanket
Pony / Unicorn Lovey Pattern

This crochet unicorn lovey is every little girl’s dream! A beautiful pony security blanket will […]

cute unicorn security blanket
The Unicorns Just Keep Comin’

I’m not gonna lie, I really love my unicorns so eventually my collection of unicorn […]

Crochet Unicorn Toy
Stuffed Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn / Pony Toy Pattern

CROCHET UNICORN HAT PATTERN SOLD SEPARATELY! This stuffed unicorn is every little girl’s dream! I […]

unicorn patterns for hats, toy & costume
Unicorn Patterns Going Viral!

IT’S HAPPENING! MY UNICORN PATTERNS ARE GOING VIRAL!! I really can’t believe it. This is […]

Cute Crochet Easter Unicorn Basket
Unicorn Basket Pattern

Make the cutest unicorn basket for all your fun festivities. This unicorn basket is a […]

Hooded Unicorn Cape Pattern
Unicorn Hooded Capelet Crochet Pattern

The best of both worlds has been created and its a must have! Our popular […]

Crochet Unicorn Ear Saver
Unicorn Mask Mates Ear Saver Pattern

Whether you’re looking to give your own ears some relief from wearing a mask or […]