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What’s Better Than a Unicorn? A Fancy Unicorn!

Yup, I have created yet another unicorn pattern. I assume my unicorn patterns will slow down once my daughter grows up, but ya know what? A seven year old cannot have too many unicorns, so for now we’ll keep going strong!

Beautiful Unicorn Capelet


My daughter is really loving things in capelet form these days. I guess she feels kind of fancy in them. . . and that’s adorable to see. They also provide extra warmth that a hat alone doesn’t!

Hooded pony cape pattern


I am not usually a fan of variegated yarns or speckled yarns, so honestly it was hard for me to bite the bullet and purchase this Fruit Salad yarn from Hobby Lobby. My daughter has been wanting something made from it for a long time though, and if you read my blog posts then you already know I live for the squeals of delight from my little girl! Turns out my husband really likes the color too because it reminds him of Funfetti and that is his very favorite cake . . . along with Rainbow Chip frosting (Remember when they stopped selling Rainbow Chip for a while? Luckily it didn’t stay gone for too long! Now if I could only get them to bring back my favorite things. Like Hershey’s Cookies & Mint nuggets. Am I right people?)

Girls Crochet Pony Cape


I actually made this pony capelet in both worsted weight and super bulky yarn, but I don’t have photos yet of the super bulky. My friend has a little girl who is just one of the cutest things in the whole world who I made the other hooded unicorn cape for. We should be doing pictures soon, so get excited! I made it in a beautiful yarn that has multiple colors swirled together (which is a kind of multi colored yarn that I can get on board with!)

Crochet Unicorn Shawl Pattern


If you happen to know someone who would also squeal when receiving one of these hooded unicorn capelets (think very special Christmas presents!), then grab your pattern now and get 20% off through tomorrow (11/20/19) at midnight (Mountain Time) using code FANCYUNICORN. You can find it here!