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The Unicorns Just Keep Comin’

I’m not gonna lie, I really love my unicorns so eventually my collection of unicorn patterns is probably going to be huge. There are just so many fun things you can do! Plus, my little girl just gets so excited every time I make a new unicorn product & it’s really fun to see. She usually let’s out some kind of squeal before proceeding to gush about how cute it is in a voice that is much higher than her normal voice. If I had a video of it I would insert it here so you all could enjoy, but I don’t so this precious picture will have to do.

Crochet Unicorn Lovey



I love loveys / security blankets / cuddle buddies / whatever you want to call them. What could be more perfect for your little ones than combining a cute stuffed animal with a cuddly blanket? So here we have our new crochet unicorn lovey pattern! Now I just need to be invited to a baby shower for a baby girl. I think we can all admit that as fulfilling as it is to give a gift that makes someone really happy, it’s even more fun when there’s a room full of people gushing over how amazing your creation is! Crochet just rocks.

Crochet unicorn lovey pattern security blanket



I’ve been wanting to try out a sparkly yarn for the longest time, so I thought this was the perfect project for it! For my pink unicorn I used regular Caron Simply Soft (soft pink) for the main color. It used pretty much the entire skein, so if you use a smaller ball of yarn then you’ll need more than one. For the sparkly hair you can use Caron Simply Soft Party (Fuchsia Sparkle & Black Sparkle). I absolutely loved the look of it (sorry you can’t really see the sparkliness in the pictures), but I wasn’t the biggest fan of how scratchy it felt as it ran over my finger as I crocheted. Also, the plies weren’t wound very tightly so the tinsley ply split away from the rest of the yarn very easily. Still worth it, in my opinion! For the green one I used regular Caron Simply Soft (soft green, sage and off white).  You will also need a bit of white, black, whatever eye color you choose and whatever inner ear color you choose.  Finally, you are going to need polyester stuffing for the head, arms & horn.

Crochet Unicorn Lovey Pattern



Alright, enough blabbering from me. Let’s get you your discount code and get you on your way. Use code BLOGHOOKUPS at checkout to get 20% off this pattern until midnight (Mountain Time) on Jun 2, 2017. The code is also good when you buy directly from Ravelry (in case you’d like to have it added to your library there). If you’d like to show off your work or ask questions to others who are familiar with BriAbby patterns, feel free to join our facebook group, Brag Away Crochet! I hope you have fun making your unicorns and bring someone a lot of joy!

Crochet Unicorn Lovey Pattern or Pony Security Blanket