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New Patterns

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his EPIC Easter basket that […]

animal scarf

. . . she finally has a new and improved unicorn scarf! I just realized […]

Crochet Toy Pattern

A few weeks ago the cutest thing happened to me. My 9 year old son […]

Sloth Toy Crochet Pattern

The answer is EVERYONE! I wanted to make my oldest son a body pillow because […]


For those of you who follow me on Facebook you probably already know my story, […]

Cool Sloth Bag

Some trends I can get on board with. . . and some I can’t. Sloth […]

Easy Lounge Blanket

Ok, so I don’t really think my 2 new patterns are only mediocre. . . […]

Santa Crochet Decor

I hate paying full price for things. So I love when decorations (and if we’re […]

Cute Raccoon Crochet Pattern

So this post is going to be short and to the point since I have […]

New Patterns

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his EPIC Easter basket that […]

Crochet Knight Helmet
Knight Helmet Pattern

Introducing the knight helmet! Our cool knight blanket has been transformed into this awesome knight […]

fancy santa/elf hat pattern
This Ain’t Your Average Santa Hat

Last year my daughter had a school Christmas program where all the kids were supposed […]

crochet dragon hat pattern
Dragon Hat Pattern

Here is a unique dragon hat pattern that is guaranteed to be a people pleaser. […]

sweetheart hat pattern
Sweetheart Hat Pattern

This pattern can be used for the perfect Valentine’s Hat or just for the ultimate […]

Panda Hat Pattern
Furry Panda Bear Hat Pattern

This furry panda bear hat pattern provides many options! You can make a girl or […]

sweet bunny hat pattern
Sweet Bunny Hat Pattern

This crochet sweet bunny hat pattern includes instructions to make a girl bunny or boy bunny. […]

Crochet Triceratops Hat Pattern
Triceratops Hat Pattern

Looking for an awesome dinosaur hat? Look no further! This is the perfect triceratops hat. […]

football beanie pattern
Football Beanie Pattern

Create this original football hat to match your favorite team! Perfect for football season and […]

The Perfect Crochet Pig Hat Pattern Release!


googley monster hat
Googley Monster Hat Pattern

Many options are provided in this monster hat pattern.  You can make yours as simple or as […]

unicorn patterns for hats, toy & costume
Unicorn Patterns Going Viral!

IT’S HAPPENING! MY UNICORN PATTERNS ARE GOING VIRAL!! I really can’t believe it. This is […]

Crochet Bear Hat Pattern
Teddy Bear Hat Pattern

This teddy bear hat pattern provides many options! You can make a mama, papa or […]

cute monster hat pattern
Monster Hat Pattern Release!

Our new monster hat pattern has now been released! Use code GOOGLEY to get 15% […]

Snowman Crochet Hat Pattern
Sweet Snowman Hat Pattern

This snowman hat pattern is very versatile. You can make the boy or girl. Choose […]

beard beanie crochet pattern
Curly / Straight Beard Beanie Pattern

This beard beanie will make for an amazing gift, the perfect halloween costume or photo […]

crochet pig hat pattern
The Perfect Pig Hat Pattern

This crochet pig hat pattern will help you create the perfect beanie for all the […]

Crochet fancy/Santa hat
Fancy Santa/Elf Hat & Ear Warmer Pattern

Our Fancy Santa/Elf Hat & Ear Warmer pattern is festive and perfect for everyone to […]

crochet elephant hat
Elephant Hat Pattern

This elephant hat pattern is great for creating a cute photo prop or adorable winter […]

crochet owl hat pattern
Sleepy Owl Hat Pattern

This owl hat pattern is easy & makes for a quick project with adorable results! […]

Lamb Hat Crochet Pattern
Lamb Hat Pattern

This sweet lamb hat is the perfect photo prop, gift, or just a cute hat […]

Jeans Hat Crochet Cap Pattern

The new big thing in fashion… the jeans hat! You can customize this hat to […]

Crochet Giraffe Hat Pattern
Giraffe Hat Pattern

This giraffe hat pattern will help you make the perfect photo prop or adorable winter […]

Strawberry Outfit Pattern
Strawberry Outfit (Hat, Skirt Overlay & Pendant) Pattern

This crochet strawberry outfit pattern will help you create the perfect Halloween costume, photo prop, […]

cobra hat and toy pattern
Cobra Hat and Toy Crochet Snake Pattern

One of the coolest cobra hats out there! This cobra hat will not disappoint any […]