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New Patterns
Santa Crochet Decor

I hate paying full price for things. So I love when decorations (and if we’re […]

Cute Raccoon Crochet Pattern

So this post is going to be short and to the point since I have […]

Cute Unicorn Toy

How do I make my beloved unicorn design even better? Well, make it bigger of […]


Yup, I have created yet another unicorn pattern. I assume my unicorn patterns will slow […]


We have just released our Princess Hood and Capelet pattern! I have been wanting to […]


Our new hooded princess blanket pattern is the perfect way to spoil your little princess. […]

Shark Pouf Crochet Pattern

Between Shark Week, which has become insanely popular, and the song “Baby Shark” (which is […]

Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time […]

cute panda pudgy pal

Honestly, I think giant stuffed animals are just the coolest. I wish I had the […]

New Patterns
Santa Crochet Decor

I hate paying full price for things. So I love when decorations (and if we’re […]

Crochet Raccoon Winter Beanie Pattern
Raccoon Hat Pattern

With this raccoon hat your little’s will be the cutest raccoons you ever did see. […]

decor owl pouf pattern
I Bet You Didn’t Even Realize All Your Home Needed To Be Complete Was An Owl!

=So I am not good at decorating my house. . . like, at all. It’s […]

stuffed pigs pattern
Crochet Pig Stuffies & Pudgy Pal Pattern

This crochet pig toy pattern will help you create the perfect stuffed animal for all […]

Cute Easter Bunny Baskets
Patron au crochet d’un panier lapin de Pâques

Fabriquez le plus mignon des paniers de Pâques pour vos enfants, avec ce patron de […]

Crochet Triceratops Hat Pattern
Triceratops Hat Pattern

Looking for an awesome dinosaur hat? Look no further! This is the perfect triceratops hat. […]

Triceratops Basket Pattern
Triceratops Basket

Know someone who loves dinosaurs? Well, this triceratops basket is a dinosaur fanatics dream come […]

cute unicorn amigurumi
Amigurumi Unicorn Pudgy Pal Pattern

This amigurumi unicorn pudgy pal pattern is the perfect solution for those who want to […]

travel bear mat/backpack
Travel Bear Mat / Backpack Pattern

This pattern makes the ultimate travel bear mat. You can make the panda bear version […]

crochet bunny lovey pattern
Patron au crochet d’un lapin doudou

Le Patron au crochet d’un lapin doudou est disponible en Français. Taille : 45 cm […]

Crochet Bear Hat Pattern
Teddy Bear Hat Pattern

This teddy bear hat pattern provides many options! You can make a mama, papa or […]

crochet elephant hat
Elephant Hat Pattern

This elephant hat pattern is great for creating a cute photo prop or adorable winter […]

Lamb Hat Crochet Pattern
Lamb Hat Pattern

This sweet lamb hat is the perfect photo prop, gift, or just a cute hat […]

hooded bunny blanket pattern
Hooded Bunny Blanket Pattern

Are you looking for an amazing Easter gift or just a special blanket to make […]

Furry Panda Bear Scarf Crochet Pattern

Want a cute panda scarf? Look no further. Our panda scarf is simple and cute […]

Crochet Giraffe Hat Pattern
Giraffe Hat Pattern

This giraffe hat pattern will help you make the perfect photo prop or adorable winter […]