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New Patterns
Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time […]

cute panda pudgy pal

Honestly, I think giant stuffed animals are just the coolest. I wish I had the […]

fancy santa/elf hat pattern

Last year my daughter had a school Christmas program where all the kids were supposed […]

Adorable Hooded Owl Blanket Pattern

For some reason I can’t ever come up with short titles for my blog posts. […]

Easy Hooded Knight Blanket Pattern

Just to clarify, you don’t have to be a gamer to love these knight blankets. […]

Monster Pouf Crochet Pattern

Who doesn’t love a good pouf? They add to your decor, are completely customizable & […]

Decorative Owl Pouffe

So I am not good at decorating my house. . . like, at all. It’s […]

Boy Bunny Blanket Pattern

Bunnies are just so soft and cuddly. So turning your little ones into a bunny […]

Boy & Girl Bunny Rabbit Gift

Does anyone else out there have kids with big, sweet eyes . . . or […]

New Patterns
Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time […]

Triceratops Basket Pattern
Triceratops Basket

Know someone who loves dinosaurs? Well, this triceratops basket is a dinosaur fanatics dream come […]

Unicorn Basket Crochet Pattern
Make Easter Even More Special With These Unicorn Baskets!

Easter is a very special time around our house. It’s also probably the CUTEST time […]

hooded unicorn blanket
Hooded Unicorn Blanket Pattern

This crochet hooded unicorn blanket is comfy coziness at its best! This pattern will help […]

sweetheart hat pattern
Sweetheart Hat Pattern

This pattern can be used for the perfect Valentine’s Hat or just for the ultimate […]

crochet bunny pudgy pal
Amigurumi Bunny Pudgy Pals Pattern

This amigurumi bunny pudgy pal pattern is the perfect solution for a quick gift that […]

Panda Hat Pattern
Furry Panda Bear Hat Pattern

This furry panda bear hat pattern provides many options! You can make a girl or […]

Unicorn leggings and tail
Unicorn / Pony Tail & Leg Warmers Pattern- Hat Pattern Sold Separately

UNICORN HAT PATTERN SOLD SEPARATELY! This unicorn leggings & tail pattern was designed to go […]

sweet bunny hat pattern
Sweet Bunny Hat Pattern

This crochet sweet bunny hat pattern includes instructions to make a girl bunny or boy bunny. […]

Cute Easter Bunny Baskets
Easter Bunny Basket Pattern

Make a cute and fun Easter bunny basket for your fun festivities. You can make […]

Crochet hooded unicorn blanket pattern
Everyone Needs a Hooded Unicorn Blanket in Their Lives!

THE PROOF IS IN THE RESEARCH If you have been looking for the perfect gift […]

easy crochet security blanket
Pony / Unicorn Lovey Pattern

This crochet unicorn lovey is every little girl’s dream! A beautiful pony security blanket will […]

googley monster hat
Googly Monster Hat Pattern

Many options are provided in this monster hat pattern.  You can make yours as simple or as […]

travel bear mat/backpack
Travel Bear Mat / Backpack Pattern

This pattern makes the ultimate travel bear mat. You can make the panda bear version […]

easy crochet hooded owl blanket
Hooded Owl Blanket Crochet Pattern

This is a one of a kind hooded owl blanket pattern. Children of all ages […]

Crochet Unicorn Toy
Stuffed Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn / Pony Toy Pattern

CROCHET UNICORN HAT PATTERN SOLD SEPARATELY! This stuffed unicorn is every little girl’s dream! I […]

crochet bunny lovey pattern
Bunny Lovey Pattern

This bunny blanket pattern is the perfect gift for both Easter and baby showers! Babies […]

Crochet Bear Hat Pattern
Teddy Bear Hat Pattern

This teddy bear hat pattern provides many options! You can make a mama, papa or […]

Cute Crochet Easter Unicorn Basket
Unicorn Basket Pattern

Make the cutest unicorn basket for all your fun festivities. This unicorn basket is a […]

Snowman Crochet Hat Pattern
Sweet Snowman Hat Pattern

This snowman hat pattern is very versatile. You can make the boy or girl. Choose […]

Crochet fancy/Santa hat
Fancy Santa/Elf Hat & Ear Warmer Pattern

Our Fancy Santa/Elf Hat & Ear Warmer pattern is festive and perfect for everyone to […]

crochet elephant hat
Elephant Hat Pattern

This elephant hat pattern is great for creating a cute photo prop or adorable winter […]

monster bag crochet pattern
Googly Monster Bag Trick-or-Treat Pattern

You can make this awesome trick-or-treat monster bag as detailed or as simple as you’d […]

Lamb Hat Crochet Pattern
Lamb Hat Pattern

This sweet lamb hat is the perfect photo prop, gift, or just a cute hat […]

cute crochet bunny toy pattern
Stuffed Bunny Toy / Decoration Crochet Pattern

This crochet bunny rabbit toy (or decoration) pattern will help you create the perfect Easter […]