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Crochet Halloween Costume Patterns
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Holidays are Different for a Crafter

For a crafter, holidays take a lot more time to prepare for. . . but the work we put into them make them so much more unique and AWESOME for us! We often make our own decorations, which we can’t wait to set out as the holiday approaches & love when guests comment on them. Many of us make gifts that we put our hearts into and are so meaningful for us to give. We often skip running to the store and picking up a mass produced costume for our children and then smile with pride as others compliment our little one’s handmade costume. It’s all so fun! But we have to start early. Whereas most people can get away with planning out Halloween costumes once October arrives, I start planning in August! So I’m asking for your help now and we’re going to give away some patterns to make it fun!



This is a picture of the very first Halloween costume I made my son. He loved it so much and I felt like mommy of the year! This year, I have no idea what to do for the little man. Any ideas? Last year he originally said he wanted to be a robot. I even went as far as buying some Paton’s Metallic yarn to start making it (I wasn’t crocheting the whole thing, just a hat. The rest we were planning to construct with boxes). Then we decided to be a family of monsters so that idea got pushed aside. Should I attempt the robot thing again this year?



Here is a picture of the very first Halloween costume I designed myself for my little girl. I’m going to be honest, I’m not really sure if I can ever beat this one. She literally was the cutest thing on the entire planet in this unicorn costume. We went to a huge Halloween party that year and of course she won the Halloween costume contest. Both mama and daughter were absolutely beaming as she went up to the stage to claim her award and the armful of prizes that she won because of it. What am I going to do for her this year? I kind of want to do a witch for her. Not your standard witch, of course, but maybe a sassy, stylish witch. What do you think?



If you’ve looked around my website at all (we’re talking home page here) then you know that this is one of my favorites as well. This is my baby boy’s very first Halloween costume. Isn’t he just the cutest little monster in the world? As I always do with my kids, I want to make him a halloween costume this year that involves a crochet hat, but I have no idea if it will stay on his hat for longer than 30 seconds! Someone gave me great advice recently that I’ve been working on where I’ll put the hat on him while he’s in front of a mirror. Then I gush over how awesome he looks in the hat and he’s much more likely to keep the hat on as he admires himself in the mirror. I’m hoping by Halloween he’ll be to the point where he doesn’t need the mirror but just likes to wear hats around knowing how cute he looks in them. But what am I going to make for him?



These are a few more pictures of Halloween Costumes (or parts of them!) I’ve done for my kids over the years. The panda one was another one of my favorites. So let’s start throwing out a whole bunch of ideas and give away some patterns! Friday (8/25/17) I will pick 2 winners from the comments left on this blog to each pick out a free pattern.



Here are 3 different things you can comment on to be entered to win:

  • Leave a comment with a costume idea for any of my 3 children
  • Comment with what your children/grandchildren are being for Halloween if it’s already been decided
  • Leave a comment with a pattern you’d like to see me put out for this Halloween


Thank you in advance for all your help and good luck on winning a free pattern!

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  • Kim McIntyre Desmarais

    Love the unicorn outfit 💝💝 How about only because you have 3 children , go with the theme 3 Bears or 3 Little Pigs nursery rhymes !!

    • Briabby

      That’s funny that you suggest that because I am literally finishing up 2 new pig hats today! I was considering doing the 3 little pigs, I’m just not sure my 7 year old boy will be up for it. Thank you for your suggestions!

  • Bonnie Ribble

    I would love to see your little girl in a princess crochet costume 🙂

  • Sandy Falkiner

    I’m thinking trolls

    • Briabby

      I actually have 2 troll hats partially finished! I put them on hold a few months ago when there were other projects I got excited about. I need to finish them and maybe one (or more) of my kids will want to be trolls! Thanks!

  • Bonnie Ribble

    My Lil 5 year old wants to be the grinch lol I will be trying to figure out a way to crochet something up for the costume lol

  • Bonnie Ribble

    I would love to see you come out with a pattern for a fairy costume….wings etc.

  • Krissy Houston

    I might make the unicorn costume for my niece. My dog will be a raptor

  • Shannon O’Brien

    My kids are both into super hero’s so patterns for that would be great!

  • amanda

    My 3 boys are *hopefully* going to be the 3 Amigos……that is, if I get my way

  • jadeC

    Thing one and thing two or anything Dr Seuss.

  • Candice Lannin

    My kids can’t agree on what they want to be. Some of them want to do a group costume, others do not. LOL. We shall see.

  • Carrie MacLean

    My son would love to be a rescue bot, I saw your Optimus prime hat so I’m a bit tempted!!

  • Linda Nielsen

    I don’t have ANY idea for my two girls.
    But for your one son a Robot would be adorable. Maybe because Descendants is big right now do a “fairy princess witch” like Mal? And your youngest SO cute

  • Dawn Fenner

    I would love a mermaid costume pattern!! That would be awesome! 😀

    • Briabby

      Dawn, you are one of our winners! Please email me your choice of pattern and your Ravelry name (or I can just email it if you don’t have one) to Thanks!

  • Anna Staggs

    my middle girl and her boyfriend are going as either Boo and Sully , from monsters inc or lilo and stitch

  • Alma Amos Meeks Grogan

    YOU Could do the 3 bears for your kids and you can be Goldilocks!

  • Jessie Busse

    My son is all about Voltron this year, not sure if I can come up with a Helmet or mitten patterns, but I am sure you could!

  • Jacquelyn Murphy

    My kids are being Supergirl and Batman for Halloween. Your three kids could be TMNT, Power Rangers, Justice League, or Avengers! My kids would love some super hero mask/hats. Iron Man gloves would be super cool for my 5 year old! Also the Ladybug and Cat Noir from Marvelous.

  • Katie Julien

    My son goes back and forth between wanting to be a NASCAR driver or a ninja turtle again this year. Lol I’m planning to make him a Jackson Storm hat, though, making up the pattern as I go, so maybe I can convince him to just wear that.

    • Katie Julien

      Oh, and I would love to see a Star Lord pattern! I’m making up superhero masks for a customer now, and I couldn’t figure that one out. A Star Lord hat would be awesome 😎

  • Elizabeth Durusau

    I would love to see a turtle pattern!

  • Dennise Grenier-Olesko

    This year my (soon to be) 3 boys are going as dragons, which matches their personalities very well. I will be going as the mother of dragons!

  • Tammy Taylor

    I would love to see a sassy witch or a sassy fairy for girls.

  • Karla Karla Blackmon Johnson

    Two of my grandsons are going as Batman and Robin

  • Amber Pindell

    We did a family toy story theme last year!! It was great!
    My daughter wants to be a monster high ghoul!
    I’ll love to see some kind of Darth Vader hat!!

  • Rachel Walters

    My family is going as Star Wars characters. My son is obsessed with it.

  • Jess Ica D

    I don’t have kids but my boyfriend and I make our costumes every year. Our friends who always throw a party aren’t this year because they’re having twins in October! So next year’s agenda is Vikings. We’re gonna go all out. Fur, armor, weapons you name it. Sticking with the theme I would like to see you put out a viking hat this year 🙂

  • Gill Roberts

    I love your patterns and would love to see something on the lines of Moana. Keep up the great work X😀

  • Miriam Agnes

    My daughter is having me make her son a oogie boogie costume. He will be 1 year old so I need to find or make a bigger pattern than what is on the web, lol!

  • Rachel F.

    More animals would be awesome!

  • Jenny Galusha-Luna

    A trio of owls would be super cute. You could make them each unique based on that child’s personality.

  • Tammy Olmsted

    Oh goodness, the first thing that comes to mind are the characters from Pj Masks on Disney. My children are all grown now but our granddaughter is now 5 1/2 and our first grandson was just born 3 weeks ago on Monday. Not sure what our granddaughter is going to be this year, she keeps changing her mind lol. If you were to ever make another Halloween costume pattern I would love to see any of the Pj Masks characters but expecially Owlette!

  • Sandra

    You could make different Trolls costumes for your kids.

  • Carrie Foster-Korolenchuk

    Wonder Woman, superman and batman are my boys suggestions for your kids lol

  • Sandra

    I only have one granddaughter and I don’t think she’s decided what she is going to be for Halloween yet this year.

  • Chris Warner

    first thought was goldilocks & the 3 bears but someone else already mentioned that. how about 3 blind mice? I don’t have any little ones that celebrate anymore – even the g/kids are too old 🙁 and we don’t have neighbors close by who come around so we don’t even get to see the little ones all dressed up and “begging” for candy LOL

  • Rebecca Kilby

    Our family is dressing up as the cast, from the wizard of Oz. Dad-wizard, mom-Glenda, 3 boys-lion-scarecrow-tin man, 9 year old daughter-Dorothy, 3 week old daughter-toto, cat and dog- flying monkeys.

  • Denise Owens-Maddox

    Your patterns are awesome!!!

  • Joely

    i would love to see a chicken related pattern for this halloween!

  • Kylie Marie Brown

    That is so hard! We are still undecided for my Super Hero and Villain loving 5 year old. I love the Baymax! Zombies and Super Heroes seem to always be big. 😊

  • Good Ruth

    my 2yr old granddaughter will be wearing the unicorn outfit along with a her 7yr old cousin. my 8yr old granddaughter wants something sailor moon or anime. i say thing 1 and thing 2 for the boys. as for your daughter some kind of fairy. for a new pattern female or male anime.

  • Maureen Smith-Hough

    Absolutely love your patterns! I would say to go as the Avengers or the Justice League!

  • Jessica Bannister

    Well, my daughter will be Moana this Halloween. As far as ideas for your three little ones, I like the idea previous mentioned of the 3 bears.

  • Dezaray M. Heinecke

    A bug of some sort, like a dragonfly…..

  • Sandi Turk

    My grand daughter would love being a rainbow “lunicorn”. All she talks about. As to future pattern…how about a more adult version of white owl hat (Harry Potters owl)

    • Briabby

      Haha, you’re the third person to suggest a pattern that I’ve already started. I start a snowy owl hat about 8 months ago and never finished it. I guess, if anything, this tells me I start way too many patterns without finishing them!

  • Hope Lozzio

    Do you remember the Animaniacs? Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.. I think that would be adorable for your kiddos!!
    My granddaughter wants to be Poppy this year.. I’d love to see an American Hero theme.. Like an officers hat, an army helmet, a fire and helmet.. That sort of thing!

  • Devin Nevens

    I would love to see some dinosaur hat patterns! Preferably a triceratops. My son is utterly obsessed with dinos! His name is Tré & we call him Tréceratops. Haha! The goldilocks & the 3 bears that was suggested for y’all sounds adorable! I can see it now, the unicorn curly hair strands on your goldilocks hat! 😻

  • Ashley Troxel

    My family likes to do matching costumes. This year we let our oldest pick for us and he picked the green moster off of ghostbusters, our todler is the puff monster, the baby is a baby puff monster, me & the hubby are ghostbusters and our 4 year old daughter chose a pink power ranger.

  • Jean Hoff

    I just love your patterns. I havelots of grandchildren who have or will have something from your selection. Panda bear costume is a favorite this year.

  • Sandra

    I’d love to see a kitty cat costume. My granddaughter loves cats.

  • Fiona Gamble

    Three musketeers!! I would love to win the unicorn blanket pattern it would be amazing.

  • Erin Springer

    I think a ladybug would be cute. One year both my son and daughter were skunks. I made the hats, then made a skirt and crocheted a lace up top.

  • Erin Springer

    I forgot to mention this year we are all going to be super heros ☺

  • Maria

    Luv all your work amazing job

  • Angie Clifford

    You could definitely go with a minecraft theme for your kids! Creeper, Steve, Zombie, the list is endless and could be so much fun!!

  • krmccannwaltz

    I love the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!! Look forward to seeing your pattern

  • Lucinda Heiken

    Trolls.would love to see a troll pattern.

  • Karen Johnston

    Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and Grandma for your 2 little ones!

  • Elizabeth Renkert

    Love the unicorn blanket!!! I can picture my granddaughter all cuddled up in it watching cartoons!!!

  • Karen Johnston

    Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and Grandma for your 3 little ones.

  • Penny Edwards

    I just love your patterns my son hasn’t decided yet but I’m willing to bet ge will be going as a superhero.

  • virginia robison

    Love these ideas

  • Roxanne Robinson Jenkins

    I would love to do a Trolls theme for Halloween, I would love for my daughter to have a Trolls theme for Halloween this year, I think your family would be adorable in Trolls theme 💖

  • Elizabeth Renkert

    Oops, didn’t read! My granddaughter is going to be Cinderella (she’s 3) and my grandson wants to be a spider (he’s 4)

  • Francie Christensen

    Mario Brothers characters

  • Keri Vickery Goldsmith

    You could do the wizard of OZ.

  • Kathy Laumann Alaniz

    Would think a troll would be fun….

  • Kathy Laumann Alaniz

    I’m not sure what sure what my ggd will be, but would long to see her as a unicorn:-)

  • sibemom3

    My granddaughter ( 9 is going to be Poppy from Trolls. I need to make the hat for her.

  • Kathy Laumann Alaniz

    I love the details of your patterns, so It would be interesting to see what you come up with for a witches hat.

  • Diane Martinez

    I would love to win the unicorn blanket! It’s adorable!

  • Diane Martinez

    My grand kids have been Super Hero’s for the last few years. I don’t expect them to change.LOL

  • Diane Martinez

    I love the idea of a family going as a group of characters that are related. Pick your family’s favorite book, nursery rhyme or movie and go for it. The sky’s the limit.

  • Robin Rumberger

    My 2 year old says he’d like to be a power ranger for Halloween. The red one.

  • Barbara Morgan Scicluna

    My grandson wants to be the wizard from the the wizard of oz

  • Angela Haudenschild

    A Nightmare Before Christmas Theme!! Jack, Sally, and Oogie maybe or Lock/Shock/Barrel. The 3 little ghouls who do Jacks bidding abd mom and dad can be Jack and Sally! This was our boy last year! My skellington pup!! (yes I know not skeleton)

  • Angela Haudenschild
    I made this mouse hat for my Mama last year for her work halloween party! She was Gus Gus from Cinderella! My first time making my own pattern! The ears have pipe cleaners around them to hold them out in place! So cute! A mouse would be a cute pattern!

    • Briabby

      That is so awesome! What do you do with the ends of the pipe cleaners to make sure they never poke anything?

  • Cecelia Edwards

    My daughter wants to be Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony for Halloween. Plan on using your pattern to make that happen.

  • Angie

    I’d love to see your version of Groot and Rocket Raccoon

  • Lois King

    Would love your kids to be paw patrol with dogs. My on loan ggd is going as Skye from paw patrol. How about a satchel like paw patrol dogs have to carry all those sweets the kids collect from halloween

  • Corinne Wheeler

    What about a Wizard of Oz theme? Since you were thinking of a robot for your son, he could be the tin man. You could do a funky witch for your daughter, either making her Glenda the good witch or the evil witch. I picture a witchy hat with those curly cues from the tip. And your littlest cutie would be adorable as the lion or even the scarecrow. 🙂 They would be adorable. and you could dress up as Dorothy with a little doggy stuff toy 🙂 How cute would that be! Unfortunately my 3 have all grown up but this year we were blessed with our first grandchild, a little girl named Marissa.

  • Tracy Maschke (CanadianSis Cre

    I like the idea of the 3 bears or you could do, lion, tinman, scarecrow and dorothy.

    Your patterns are so easy to follow and I have a wishlist 🙂

    • Briabby

      Why thank you! Well, it’s your lucky day Tracy because you are one of our winners and can knock one of those patterns off the wishlist. Please send me your pattern choice and Ravelry name (or if you don’t have one I can just email it) to

  • Val

    What about a Troll costume. My daughter just showed me a picture of pink troll hair.
    All your patterns ate great. My girls love unicorns.

  • Kathy Renaud

    Love a tigger costume of some sort

  • Celia Willingham McKenna

    They would be cute as farm animals! One child could be the farmer and the other two could be a farm animal like a pig or horse or cow!

  • Lora Ellingwood

    We haven’t decided yet lol. What about little Nemo? I also like the Three bears suggestion. Could you do a fairy costume pattern? One that isn’t Tink? Lol

  • Donna Duff

    I have one that is going to be Wonder Woman and the other hasn’t decided yet I love your patterns they are really well written and I like the idea of your kids being The Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow I mad costumes for my sisters one year and I got to be Dorothy

  • Anne Ingram Hunter

    My grandson went as an iPhone a few years ago. That would make a cute costume for one of your kiddies. He used black felt, seamed on the sides sandwich-board style, and hot-glued “apps” to it.

  • Denise Ortiz W

    My lil one is really into minions… I adjusted your patern to make her a hula minion! Love it!

    • Briabby

      So adorable!!!

  • shelley garrett

    My kiddo announced he wanted to be Ironman last week. But 2 weeks ago, he was going to be Bender (Futurama), so we’ll see what October brings 😂
    You could totally pick 3 cute dragons or characters from How To Train Your Dragon for your kiddos! Or members of the Avengers! 😊
    I’m always in the market for a new Star Wars or Marvel hero pattern, too 😉

  • Jeanie Farrell

    How about a penquin costume?!?! All my kids & grandkids absolutely love penquins! The only costumes for then that we’ve found are quite uncomfortable. But one crocheted. …now that would be something awesome!

  • Teresa Sydow

    I think this year we are doing frozen as a family. A family of 6 2 girls Anna and Elsa then 4 boys kristoff Olaf Sven and marshmallow (the gaint snow man)

  • Dayna Chandler

    You could do Moana, Maui, and Tamatoa from “Moana.” You could make a shark hat for “Maui” and a stuffed “Hei hei” so he can go around saying “boat snack.” Maybe even make a crochet locket and “Pua” for “Maona.” I love your patterns! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  • Flash Ragler

    My grandchildren are going to be the the three stooges this year as of now lol they are pretty wacky

  • Alecia Rivers Goodman

    I think your daughter should be Kiki the Witch from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Does your little guy like The Iron Giant? I have a friend that made her son a robit costume made out of boxes and spray paint… very cute. We had to scramble one year to find an Iron Giant, our little guy asked for it from Santa a couple of weeks before Christmas.

  • Alecia Rivers Goodman

    Another idea would be Wonder Woman and Batman.

  • Amanda Hutchens

    Prince or beast and princesses. Chip or Mrs Potts. I’d love to see you make them for kids!