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You’re Gonna Want to See These Bear Blankets!

So I HATE taking pictures because I can never seem to get the perfect shot I’m looking for, BUT even though I never got that perfect shot, I sure got a bunch of crazy cute pictures of my kids. I mean, my kids are already ridiculously cute on their own, but these bear blankets just amplify their cuteness. Check them out. . .

crochet panda hooded blanket


I’m just going to come right out and say it, I think my daughter has a perfect face. I mean, I couldn’t pay for a better model than her! And the fact that she loves to model things for me and asks if she can have more and more pictures taken is just the icing on the cake.


crochet teddy bear hooded blanket

So this picture makes the bear face on the hood look a little off. . . but look how cute my little baby is! Those eyes!


crochet teddy bear blanket

You know you love seeing those little toes sneaking out there at the bottom. . .


easy panda hooded blanket

And here is my oldest. He’s just so handsome, but only 7 so also still just a cute little thing. I didn’t actually make this blanket for him (the dragon blanket I made is what he will get for Christmas), but he really wanted a chance to model one of the bear blankets for me too and I wasn’t about to say no. These panda blankets are so soft, I wanted an excuse to snuggle up in one too!

easy crochet teddy bear blanket


Oh man, I love this baby so much. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that like 50 times a day for the past 17 months. Since I started venturing into the world of hooded blankets a few months ago, I have discovered that they are the perfect combination of cuteness, usefulness & fun! My kids run around with them on chasing after each other and making their animal noises. My baby likes to pull the hood over his face, pretending he’s a bear, and then pop out to “surprise” us all that it’s actually him under there and not a bear (:


So what are you waiting for? Don’t you know someone who would look super cute in one of these? Hop on over here to get the pattern and then get your crochet on! You can get 20% off your pattern until 12/10/17 with code CuteKids. You can also see all the materials you will need for these projects in the item description. If you prefer to get your patterns directly from Ravelry, you can find it here.


Easy Bear Hooded blanket

This one isn’t a picture of my cute kids. . . but isn’t it awesome how you can just fold them up into little pillows that can be displayed on your couch? These things just make me happy (in case you couldn’t already tell)


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