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They’re Cute, They’re Pudgy & They’re Super Hard to Say “No” To

Does anyone else out there have kids with big, sweet eyes . . . or the perfect puppy dog face? All three of my kids do. When they’re little and they look up at you with those eyes, your heart just melts and you think, “I’ll give you anything you ask” (then of course when the time comes that they ask for something they shouldn’t have, you find it easier than you expected to say no). Some kids just have that look that makes you think, “you can do no wrong” (and again they prove you wrong when they get mad at their little sister and sit on her head). Anyway, those two sentiments are what come to mind when I look at these little pudgy pal bunnies.


cute bunny pudgy pals


When I first started making these little guys it was with the intention of making a super cute little bunny that worked up fast and would be perfect for giving as Easter gifts. They fit great into little Easter baskets after all! BUT then I got out all of my Easter decorations and posed them with the big bunnies I made last year and decided I need to add them to my Easter decor!


amigurumi bunny pudgy pal


Sometimes I am not patient enough to wait for my baby to go down for his nap before taking my pictures. When that happens, there is sure to be a little baby photo bombing going on.



And then when your 2 older children realize how funny it is that the baby got in on mommy’s picture, they of course have to do some photo bombing of their own.


If you haven’t made the larger bunnies and would like to, you can find them here. Don’t worry though, your Easter decor can still look complete even without the big bunnies. Here is my setup with just my pudgy little friends.

crochet amigurumi bunny pattern


If you like that chubby carrot I included in my setup, don’t forget you can get the pattern for free here!


One of my testers with Crochet Treasures decided to sew the ears on her bunny sticking straight up. It looked super cute so I thought I’d add that as an option in the pattern for those who prefer the iconic bunny look. Which do you like better?

crochet amigurumi bunny pudgy pal


These bunnies are quick and super easy to make, so if all of these adorable pictures have gotten you excited to make some pudgy bunnies of your own, make sure to grab the pattern quick while it’s still on sale. Get 20% off until tomorrow (2/16) at midnight (Mountain Time) using code PUDGYBUNNY. You will find the pattern here. Enjoy!