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The Same Unicorn. . . But Bigger. . . and Better . . . and more Functional

How do I make my beloved unicorn design even better? Well, make it bigger of course! We’re not just talking big, but huge! And of course making it useful makes it better. So this isn’t just a stuffed animal. Our new unicorn pattern also is a body pillow!

Unicorn Amigurumi Pillow

Sometimes I tell my kids I’m going to crochet them something and then I get all excited and go and buy the yarn. . . . and then other things get in the way and it keeps getting put off over and over again. Well, I dropped the ball on this one more than any other project and after 2 YEARS I finally did it!


Stuffed Unicorn Toy

To say she was excited would be the understatement of the century. After I finished, I made her wait an extra day to have it so I could make sure I had good pictures first and she was just bursting with anticipation!



Crochet Unicorn Pillow

Every time we do pictures, she looks forward to the “silly” pictures we take after we get the good ones. As soon as we finished with these, she got down onto the ground and said, “Mom, can you stack all my unicorns on top of me?” So that’s what I did! (Well, these aren’t really all of her unicorns, but it’s what we had in the room with us at the time)


Crochet Unicorn Home Decor

. . . and then we moved on to dancing with the unicorn


Large Cute Pony Stuffed Toy

This pattern is worked in a way that makes the pillow easily removable so you can just throw it in the wash when needed. Know someone who needs this kind of excitement and cuteness in their lives? Grab your pattern for 20% off using code DREAMINGOFUNICORNS through tomorrow (12/12/19) at midnight (Mountain Time). Pattern can be found here. Enjoy!