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The Most Highly Anticipated Pattern Release of the Year. . .

. . . happened a couple of months ago when I released my hooded unicorn blanket pattern. But this hooded dragon blanket pattern was pretty anticipated too right? At least I like to tell myself that.

dragon hooded blanket pattern


So I’m just going to be straight with you and tell you that I’m super tired tonight, but I want to get this blog post done, so it’s going to be short and down to business (am I allowed to say that on a business blog?). Let me just sum it up like this: this blanket is unique & just crazy awesome (in case you couldn’t already tell that from looking at the pictures). I highly recommend you get the pattern and make it for someone, because the chances are very very high that it’s going to make them ridiculously happy and think you are just as awesome as awesome can be. For the kids, there are instructions to add handles to the inside of the wings so they can slip their hands through and run around with their wings spread like a real dragon (ya know, because dragons are real).  So basically it’s a blanket, costume & toy all in one.


dragon hooded blanket crochet pattern

You can check out the description of the pattern here to get all the details. Now through 12/2/17 (at midnight Mountain Time) you can get 20% off the pattern with code GetYourDragonNow. If you want to use the same chunky yarn as I did, you can use the code JM002 now through the end of the year to get 10% off at The yarn is called Deborah Norville- Serenity Chunky Heathers and it is perfect for the dragon look because it’s got this marbled look with 2 colors combined (I know you can’t tell from my pictures, but check out the yarn on Premier’s site!).


Well, that’s it from me. Maybe I’ll make my next blog post amazing to make up for this one. I probably shouldn’t have just typed that because now I’m going to feel pressured to make it good (:  G’night all!