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Do You Know a Shark Lover?

Between Shark Week, which has become insanely popular, and the song “Baby Shark” (which is likely both beloved and hated all within the same household), you’ve got to admit that sharks are a fan favorite. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, find the nearest 7 year old and ask them to sing you the Baby Shark song. Just make sure to tell them you only want to hear it once. It was one of the first songs my little 2 year old learned and it has been sung by my 3 children more times than I can count in our home.

photo prop shark

My husband and I have been brainstorming different crochet ideas recently since he has had a slower work schedule (we’re talking 40 hours a week as opposed to the normal 80 hours a week!) My 8 year old son has been waiting and waiting to get his pouf for his room and I just hadn’t been able to come up with the perfect idea. Well, my husband had this idea pop into his head, and within a few minutes had drawn out the perfect shark pouf for our boy! It was brilliant. A shark pouf that looked like it was eating whoever was sitting on it (or about to chomp whatever feet were resting on it).

So of course I was very excited about it and headed out yarn shopping right away. I was already in the middle of another project (which I will be releasing next month hopefully) and was kind of working on both at the same time. Then a random thought popped into my mind. When is Shark Week? I looked it up and it was only 3 weeks away. What the monkey? Can we say perfect timing? So I dropped the other project and finished my shark pattern as quickly as possible. I made 2 and the second one actually only took me about 4 days because I was crocheting like a mad man!

Shark Pouf Crochet Pattern

And that is how we arrived here. It is Shark Week. I am releasing an awesome shark pattern. You know this is something you need in your life right now! (:


My 8 year old was beyond excited. . . and my 3 year old was beyond jealous. He actually tried to sabotage the photo shoot by taking the bottom cover and running. I snapped this gem as he did so.

Once I let him participate in the photo shoot all was well.

I hadn’t planned on presenting this shark pouf as a photo prop, but quickly discovered that it makes for a great one! All of my kids wanted to take pictures with it and had so much fun!

We did a TON of different shoots and the kids kept asking to do more! From saving a drowning baby (though he’s technically not doing him any favors, saving him from the water by pulling him right up into the shark’s mouth). . .

To standing on the shark’s mouth to hold his jaws open . . .

To jumping for safety. . .

To losing the battle and getting eaten alive. . .

It was just so much fun! If you’re ready to have some fun, you can grab this pattern for 20% off through tomorrow (Wednesday, July 31, 2019) using code SHARKWEEK at checkout. Find the pattern here!