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Gorgeous New Blanket Border & Giveaway!


I am always trying to come up with ways to add something new to the ginormous collection of crochet stuff that has already been presented to the crochet world. . . and it’s hard! I mean, there is a LOT of stuff out there already. Usually I come up with a design and then do a quick search to make sure it’s not just like anything else that’s already out there. This time I designed a new blanket border and then searched online to try to make sure that it had never been done before. I didn’t find anything like it, so I think I did it! BAM! A brand new border!



Well, I warned you all that I am on a unicorn designs kick and there would be more unicorn designs to come (if you’re not familiar with my unicorn designs, you can check out the unicorn hat that started it all here). So my newest design is a hooded unicorn blanket! Hooded unicorn blankets have been done before so I knew I had to make sure mine was completely different and I decided that included a unique (and crazy adorable) new blanket border. One of the highlights of my unicorn designs are the beautiful curls so I decided to incorporate that look into the actual blanket. Here’s what I came up with!





This border is now in need of an awesome name and I’m drawing a blank. So I am doing a pattern giveaway. Please leave a comment with a suggestion for what I should name this blanket border and Friday I will randomly choose 2 winners to receive a pattern of their choice for free. To be honest, even if you can’t think of a good name, you can leave any nice comment and be entered to win.


If you want to be notified when my hooded unicorn blanket pattern is released, be sure to subscribe to my blog. This way you will also receive notifications when I do my blog only giveaways like this one. Good luck everyone!

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  • Ashley Ubinger

    Swirly whirly

  • Barbara Morgan Scicluna

    Curly q

  • Tina Armstreet

    Horns aplenty ❤ super cute by the way!

  • Linda Nielsen

    This is amazing. The boarder alone is just beautiful I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    How about the swirls-a-lot for a name hehe

  • Miriam Agnes

    This is such a cute blanket!

  • Diana Bush Taylor

    Oh how cute….perfect for a new great granddaughter arriving this fall….

  • Lisa B

    Curly mane border love

  • Brittney

    This looks amazing. loop de loop

  • Tammy

    I absolutely love this look.

  • Joanna Cox

    Rainbow ribbon boarder!

  • April Conner

    Magical Swirls Border. What a great look!

  • Celia Willingham McKenna


  • Julia McDermott

    That looks complex and interesting. I was just thinking that I needed a new project that’s a little more challenging! I think the border looks like Unicorn Horn.

  • April Davies Vannini

    How about Uni-Curl Border;). Looks like it will be fantastic!

  • Linda J Humiston

    Love it!

  • Meena

    Magical dreams

  • Lisa Schwartz

    Very cute border. I think it mimics the unicorn curls quite well but also works on its own.

  • Megan

    Curly Love Border

  • Bonnie Tisdale

    It’s adorable! How about a Curl-e-cute?

  • Jess Ica

    It’s so cute!! I think something along the lines of spiral border would be nice

  • Melissa Harms

    This border is gorgeous!!!! I have a little one looking over my shoulder telling me she needs this for her room lol. Unicorn Fringe, so cute!!

  • LeAnne0217

    Love ❤️ the border

  • Pat Kozakewich

    Unicorn Kurl

  • Anne Ingram Hunter

    I think Unicorn Dreams would be a great name for this hooded blanket! I love the new border!

  • Kate

    Funky Fresh Border…. Dreamy edge… Infinity Loops… Magical Whispers Edge….Mix it up….
    lol that’s all I can think of!! Looks amazing… personally I would call it GLAMOR-OUS 🙂 cuz it truly is!!!!!

  • Linda Bonnes

    Curl Upon Curl Dreams

  • Beverly Greg Perry

    that is so beautiful cant wait to see the finished blanket

  • Annette Monroe

    Twisted love border

  • Jaime

    Curlycue Border, Corkscrew Border, I love this border! It would be fun and easy for a little one to grab and play with too!

  • Ariane Marie Brockitt

    Looks like armadillo shells! 💚💚💚

  • Francie Christensen

    Winding curls

  • Cheryle Cudzilo

    Very pretty! Cuddly Unicorn Dreams

  • Carman Parks

    BriAbby-licious curls

    • Briabby

      Love it! You are one of our winners! Please email me at with your choice of pattern and your Ravelry name (or I can just email it to you if you don’t have one)

  • Tammy Olmsted


  • Bonnie Ribble

    Swirl e que is fitting. I love it looks awesome and loving if that makes sense lol

  • Flash Ragler

    Love it i say unicorn tail

  • Lee Ann De Rycke

    How ’bout…uni-que (pronounced uni cue – OR consider it as unique).

    • Briabby

      You are one of our winners! Please email me at with your choice of pattern and Ravelry name (or I can just email it to you if you don’t have one)

  • Linda Wood

    In the picture it kinda looks like stacked hearts so what about …..Surround by Love, or Unicorn Love

  • Angela Green

    Ribbon of Seashells.

  • Sheila Brandt Gaudiano

    Texan Twister
    The border is gorgeous.

  • Gail McCarty

    The wave.

  • Julie Palin

    Curlie Wurlie border….its beautiful x

  • Swirly Q Border! Very nice-i was searching for something unique like this for a project i just finished….ended up just doing a little ruffle…this would have rocked.

  • Victoria

    Spiraled mane

  • StevenandMontana Miller

    “Row of Ringlets” Trim. It reminds me of ringlet curls! So pretty! Love your patterns!!

  • Dawn Colbert

    Love it, would be a new challenge for an afghan

    • Briabby

      Thanks! Yeah this border takes a while. . . but it’s just cute enough to be worth it (:

  • Sarah Collins

    Piggy back boarder. Super duper cute!

    • Briabby

      Thank you! That’s a cute name

  • LyndaLillian

    Unicurl Border 🙂 I’m working on your dragon pattern now. Almost assembled ~ 2 more to go!

  • Cassandra Pica

    I would name it unihorn border

  • Regina o.

    curly sue

  • Valerie

    The Curly Sue Border

  • Valerie

    The ringlet border

  • Sarah

    Unicorn horn swirl

  • Irma Cota

    oodles of swirls

  • Ange Steckly

    i dont have a name sorry,, but i love it very nicely done

    • Briabby

      Why thank you

  • Miriam Agnes

    Running conch shell border.

  • Diane Dicke

    Soft Swirl

  • Marcy Higgins Pakizer

    Macaroni border😊

  • Kim McIntyre Desmarais

    Curly que !! It’s a beautiful border , so different from the rest !!

    • Briabby

      Thank you!

  • Amanda Hutchens

    Lapping waves border

  • Karen Steyskal

    Spiral Border

  • DonnaLynne Ballou

    Flip Flop Curls

  • Christine Hall

    Curly Q

  • Jessica Bannister

    Twirly Whirl boarder

  • Melinda Steele StCyr

    Sweet Spiral Border

  • Sharon McMahon

    It is absolutely gorgeous 😚

    • Briabby

      Thank you!

  • Shona Rakena

    unicorn border – your work is absolutely fabulous and i would love to win a pattern 🙂

  • Karen Kelin

    stitch over stitch

  • Tawny Widmer

    Dragon Scales

  • Jennifer Hart-Bilmer

    Magical Swirls

  • Julie Biggs

    swirlister border 🙂

  • Madonna Smith

    Unicorn twist border xx ❤️

  • Lora Ellingwood

    Dragon stitch

  • Joy Nissen

    Unicorn spirals

  • Krixke

    I’d call it neverending helix.
    Love it!!!

  • Kathy Renaud

    Curly cue border

  • Nijiko Decker

    Really intricate design and love the color choices.

  • Keri Vickery Goldsmith


  • disqus_qJ17Txc5HB

    unicorn dreams

  • Christine Lacroix

    I love your patterns, how about the” swirl a gig”